The Supreme Pontiff of The Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church is His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, he and he alone is the Pope at this time.

We desire for the restoration of Pope Benedict to the Chair of Peter in the physical sense. Spiritually he never left, physically he did leave. He is the Vicar of Christ and it is obvious that he is in constant communication with Our Lord Christ Jesus, Who has and is directing him. This fact is a great comfort to all members in the Church Militant.

It is an unmistakable fact that our Holy Father must complete his pontificate in residence, in the Papal apartments. It is a certainty that in doing so he goes to his martyrdom as prophesied by St. Pius X and St. Jacinta. We pray for the courage and all the graces necessary for our Pope to accomplish this office.

As the last Patriarch Saint Joseph had to die before the Messianic reign could begin, so too Pope Benedict must die before the Eucharistic Reign can begin. Judaism was completed in Christianity, Christianity is completed in Holy Eucharistic. Pope Benedict is waiting for God to point out to him Petrus Romanus before he makes his final move.